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Unexpected New York City

I'm not sure we are typical tourists when we go to New York. We don't like line-ups and we don't really shop so that rules out quite a lot of activities. But we do have a lot of fun spending very little money. We walk almost everywhere and try to discover new things to do. Here are a few things we discovered for the first time.

No, I'd never heard of Roosevelt Island either, but as I was looking at my instagram feed one day (@viewfromalake) I discovered the tramway and did some investigating. Turns out it is a very cool $4 ride across the East River to the island, with spectacular views of the city. We wanted to see it at night and by a fluke timed it so we could take in the sun set as well. Yes, there was a line-up, but just for a few minutes and it was completely worth the wait. Roosevelt Island used to be called Welfare Island because of all the hospitals there. We walked off the tram and into the queue for the return journey, so we …

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