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A decade in the woods.

Unbelievably it is ten years since we started spending our summers in the woods. I've been writing about it here for most of that time. The cottage we inhabit, has been in my husband's family for generations and is one of the few original properties left here on the lake from the early 20th century. Most have been torn down and replaced with larger, more modern homes. This cottage is summer-only and come late Fall we are craving the luxury of proper insulation and fewer vermin so a move back to the city can be less heartbreaking than you would think.

In those ten years since I emigrated and my Canadian husband returned home from England, we have  had many summer adventures.  Probably the most dramatic was when we awoke from a nap to find black afternoon skies. As I rushed out to grab the washing from the line  he shouted to get back inside. The wind was rising and the air turned strangely white. He could see trees in the forest toppling like dominoes on the other side of the …

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