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Are you the farmer?

The worst thing about winter for me is having to leave our woodland cottage and no longer being able to garden. We have a balcony in the city but are never there long enough in the summer to keep plants alive, so I arrive plantless into Montreal for the long winter. I miss being able to get my hands dirty and care for my plant babies. This summer I've raised cucumbers, haricot beans, arugula and basil from seed and maintained a healthy herb garden and expanding rhubarb patch at the cottage. This as well as attempting to keep a flower garden in the challenging soil of the Laurentians. (shade-loving plants that don't mind shit soil anyone?). Summers in the cottage garden have given me a yearning to learn more.

So it was I discovered the City Farm School at Concordia University runs an apprenticeship program for people like me who want to learn more about growing fruit and vegetables. I had to do an interview at the farm and was thrilled when my application was accepted.  I work f…

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