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Lockdown gardening

Gardening has saved me during this pandemic. From filling our flat with vegetable seedlings back in March to tending my plants in our raised beds in July - it has given me a purpose. But more than that - it has filled me with joy when nothing else was available. I was suddenly without work, unable to visit my mum in England and unable to see friends - so the peas, broad beans and cucumbers have become my new best pals.                 Planning my summer garden in February: my stash of seeds. Just ordering the seeds  in January made my heart flutter but I hadn't realised how important this little stash of joy would become. My seedling babies were housed in our kitchen, my husband's office and sometimes the dining room. I bought some grow light bulbs and hoped for the best. When the sun shone the seedlings went out on the balcony where we enjoyed a cup of tea and they enjoyed the warmth. The first thing I did every day was go and check on them, turn on their grow lights and marv

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