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A walk around my garden.

Who doesn't love snooping around other peoples' gardens? So I thought I'd give you an early tour. June here in the Laurentian hills north of Montreal is still early compared to the British gardens of friends. Let's face it there was still a bit of snow on the ground when we moved back to the woods in mid April. But once that switch has been flicked and Quebec's non-existent spring has turned to summer - things start to really get moving. So regard these as the Before... pictures. My father-in-law called my vegetable garden my victory garden long before it became a thing with covid. Infact during the war there was a real victory garden on this spot. It has its challenges here in the woods - not least the tree roots which criss-cross the earth and also the shade which the trees produce. Nevertheless I find raised beds and greenhouses help solve some of the problems.  I grow my flowers mostly around the house but they are still to bloom so I'll just concentrate on

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