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Life and death in the garden.

I’ve just poured hot sauce down the groundhog‘s burrow. His crime: biting the tops off my young sunflowers and nibbling my cucumber seedlings. These critters hate spice and garlic and so there was nothing else for it.  Such is the cut and thrust of growing veggies in the woods (I appreciate I'm encroaching on their world and not the other way around).  Soon after - we see him circling the house looking for a new burrow and hot footing it ( no pun intended) into the woods. This morning my mother-in-law cannot understand where her beautiful yellow lilies have gone - on closer inspection they have the telltale nibbled stalks. The blighter has moved on. Tabasco is being sprayed on to the lily patch as I write. Our cottages have a decidedly spicy smell in the heat.
Here in our woodland cottage in the Laurentian hills I'm surrounded by animals who'd like to eat my flowers and vegetables. City Farm School last Fall has inspired me and I'm trying to grow over 25 different fru…

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