Mountain climbing in the city

The cross on the mountain in Montreal.
How many cities have a mountain in the middle of them? I know I bang on about this a lot but I love Mount Royal, the park and mountain from which the city of Montreal takes its name. I have spent many a happy hour here. Here's  my latest video on the subject.

The cemetery on the mountain.

Whether it's eating a picnic on the grass, walking through the amazingly photographic cemetery, jogging up to the lookout or hosting a skating party followed by champagne lunch on my birthday. The above video, about the best hill in Quebec, was just published on the website. Gabrielle Korn, from the Friends of the Mountain, and I had fun making it, despite the mosquito bites.
I love it so much it is my official blog photo. The lookout on the mountain.

I'll be blogging on the road from Cooperstown in upstate New York later this week when I visit the Glimmerglass Festival. Look out for photos and videos.
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