Who are you?

This is us. Who are you?
I often wonder who you are and now I've been blogging for over a year I like to look at my stats and see where you live. Not literally you understand. I won't be popping round to check on how you make a cup of tea, but I can tell which countries my readers are in. So I thought you might like to know who else is reading this other than you.

Most of my readers are Canadian, bless them and my second biggest numbers are in the States (howdy y'all), then UK, which is rather rude of them to be only third as my blog is addressed to them, after all. Well done Australians coming in at number four (they can't all be you, Russell, can they?)
Coming in at no.2 the good old US of A.
Anyway if you are a regular reader I would love to hear from you - especially if your country is on the list. Why on earth are you reading this blog? Haven't you got anything better to do? Do you all want to move to Canada like me or have you moved away and you're missing the old country?
It would be really fun to hear from you and maybe send me a picture of your town? To inspire you the photo above is the nerve centre of Dear England, Love Canada. It is a picture of me in my office with my assistant, in her basket.

My top ten readership list.

2.United States

3.United Kingdom






9. Brazil

10. Slovenia

I look forward to hearing from you. Just drop me a line and say hi.


  1. I have a lot Americans too - usually looking for a recipe for a chocolate sandwich in the middle of the night. How hard can a chocolate sandwich be? Bless them, nonetheless. I also have many visitors from India - a notable absentee from your list....Looking forward to seeing you soon back in Blighty.

  2. Dear Chocolate etc
    Mmm yes I'm missing a trick with the India thing. Maybe they all want to move to Gateshead? Or they just enjoy reading your VERY FUNNY blog about Geordies and the like, which others can read by clicking on your name.

  3. Hi there! I'm Italian, but now I live in Montreal. I moved to Montreal in 2009 and before coming here I lived in the UK for 2 years. I grew fond of British culture, humour and view on life, I resapect and admire the way you look at life, politics, history, etc. (maybe because Italy is in an awful situation right now) and since I got here when I was 7 months pregnant and have no relatives/friends here, I take care of my baby daughter 24/7 and that leaves me no tiem/energy to explore this new country. This is why I love your blog: you explain many things about Canada that I know nothing about and at the same time you allow me not to forget about your amazing country, that I now miss so much!
    So... thank you for your great blog (btw, I'm a blogger too, I hope you can visit my blogs and like them!)!
    PS Sorry for my English!

  4. Lara
    Great to hear from you - it's true there is a lot of weird stuff in Canada to learn about and you are not alone in not having time to see it all. I'm often in the weird situation of having done "typically Canadian" things which many of my Canadian friends have never done - stayed in the Ice Hotel, skated the Rideau canal, etc.
    Hope you have fun exploring Montreal with your daughter.
    PS I'll be in England soon and blogging about that.

  5. If you get random pop ups in South America it's me and I read you because I'm Canadian and you remind me of all the things I take for granted.

  6. I love that this can be tracked. I find it so interesting.

    If you'd like, pop by my blog - I'd love your English view on my topic today.

    And thank you for adding my button - I really appreciate it! XoL

  7. Number 9, signing in. :) I'm in Brazil, and I'm planning on moving to Montreal next year. Your blog helps me to see some everyday things (and some not so everyday things) that I might encounter there. The first post I found was the one about dressing for the winter -- helpful!

    Thanks for your blog, keep up the great work! :)

  8. I read your blog because I'm suffering from Repatriation Sickness, and whenever I feel blah about being back in Canada, you remind me how wonderful my homeland really is. (Except for the poutine — nothing wonderful about that.)

  9. Hi Anne, I only just found your blog!

    My name is Clara O, I'm 26 and have so far lived in 4 countries and visited countless more. I am British-Nigerian; born and bred in Nigeria, but I've spent the last 10years in England/Sweden, and a short period of time in Bangladesh. I have always dreamt of moving to Montreal, and have recently become very bored of being in England...I think I need a new challenge.

    Anyway, I read your blog because you have done exactly what it is I am planning to do! I'm just beginning the many processes required to emigrate and the whole thing feels almost impossible, SIGH! I'm hoping your blog inspires me to continue to work towards the dream.

    Have a lovely day!
    Clara O :)

  10. I only started following your blog this year. I think I found it from a retweet by some of the expats I follow on twitter (I’m @notcontrary). I’m a Brit living in Toronto and I moved here in August 2009. I enjoy your observations about Canadian culture and I can relate to a lot of them. I also like reading about Montreal and Quebec because I’m keen to explore more of this vast country. I’ve been to Montreal three times now and on my last trip I went to some of the places you describe including La Banquise. I was very grateful for the link because on previous trips to Montreal I had a hard time finding poutine with veggie gravy. I can get veggie poutine in Toronto but I wanted to see how the grand masters did it. Needless to day, it was great and I’m no longer tempted to go back to the Toronto places, which is probably a good thing for my waistline! Anyway, keep writing and enjoying yourself.

  11. OK it seems to me my readers are split into those who want to live in Montreal, those who used to live in Montreal and those who like poutine. Glad to have you all along. Anyone else out there, in Slovenia perhaps?

  12. Hello! I'm a relatively new reader from the US. I'm a college student, considering Concordia University in Montreal for graduate school. I found your blog while looking for info about the city and loved it!

  13. I read your blog because I like to see the point of view of an "immigrant", if I may call you that, on my own country. I've always been intrigued by how other people perceive Canada and Canadians - plus you're witty and English, so you get good points from there too.

  14. Your cheque is in the post for that one. I've always said Canadians have good taste

  15. Hi, Anne
    I came across your blog while researching our relocation to Montreal and really enjoyed it so have carried on reading you. Also, as a committed radio 4-phile, I am hugely impressed by your creds! (Thank goodness for internet radio!)
    Now that I am settled in Montreal, i will probably appear on your stats as Canada rather than UK.

  16. David
    Nice to hear from someone who knows what Radio 4 is. I am forever trying to sell it to Canadians who look blankly at me. That will make 2 of us listening to the Today programme in Quebec. Welcome to Montreal.

  17. Hi from Toronto.

    Really enjoy your blog, so witty. I was looking up Canada and England, as my English friends want to visit.

    Anyway, keep smiling and writing! Cheers.

  18. Thanks, Anne
    Forgot to mention that my wife is an honorary Geordie having studied and worked in Newcastle for 10 years and she possibly shares heritage with your husband (her surname is Kozakis)...?

  19. Walt
    I hope you have some good strong tea in for them - although thinking about it, they probably travel with it in their suitcases if they are true Brits. Great to see your website and book. Thanks and happy travelling.

  20. Hi Anne,
    I'm from Sydney.
    I discovered your blog while googling "Montreal" because it sounds like a wonderful place to live (your blog confirmed it). I love your blog because it keeps the dream alive that one day I might be able to listen to free opera on the streets and lick freshly harvested maple syrup in a snow wonderland!

    Anyway thanks for reading :-)

    Angela the Aussie

  21. Wonder what the Australian equivalent of that is? Visiting the Sydney Opera House and nibbling a shrimp on a barbie?
    Nice to meet you.

  22. Okay, okay, so you've found me out. I visit your blog every day and hit the refresh button umpteen times so that you get decent stats at the end of the month. So you really only have two Aussie followers - Angela and moi. But I'm not really Aussie, more new Aussie-old Brit-once Canadian. Confused? Me too.

    So I'm reading your blog because a) it's a bloody good read, and b) I used to live in Canada, recently flew back there on a holiday, and now want to return more permanently. I ate poutine and drank Alexander Keiths. Enough said.


  23. No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. You definitely hit the nail on the head on this one. This is something people need to know about. Your blog is really incredible and the design is really top notch. Really, youre blog is incredible. Keep going, man. Keep going!

  24. I just came across your blog when searching for anything I can learn about Montreal. And thanks so much for offering a fun and honest take on the city which we are about to move to. Only recently my partner was offered a job in Montreal and we have both made the decision to uproute and relocate from Newcastle UK to Montreal. We are calling it our big adventure! We know absolutely nobody there and can only utter a few words in French. So, 'learn French in 3 months' book under our arm, read more of your very helpful blog and get to know Montreal and its inhabitants in no time :) thanks again and look forward to reading more.


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