Springtime in Montreal.

                                          Our dining room window this morning.

This is what Springtime in Montreal looks like. Yes, that is snow on our dining room window. Not much of a view today. A little reminder that  winter is not done with us yet. Here in Montreal we've had snow on the ground since early December and as we enter our fourth month of snow and I hear the clocks go forward next weekend I realise March is possibly the only month I miss in England.

Our bedroom window this morning.

 Yes we've got summer licked here in Montreal. We do a pretty good Fall and our winters are beyond compare but Spring? Forget it. It basically doesn't exist. One day you are struggling with your winter boots and the next you're in a t-shirt and shorts. Where was Spring? When am I going to wear all my Spring jackets and coats? Those suede beauties which look ridiculous in winter and summer but are perfect for our long English Springs?
It's not often you'll hear me say this but England in the Spring can be really beautiful. Daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses everywhere and English gardens start to come alive.
Anyone want to buy a coat?


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