Coming out the other side of a Canadian winter.

St Joseph's Oratory tonight.

Something has changed. Just a few weeks ago if I dared to hint that it was cold, Canadians would give me the knowing smile and say things like, "You haven't seen anything yet," and I was made to feel very un-Canadian. Now I detect a change in the air. We've obviously passed the date when it's OK to complain about the winter and they are doing it with bells on.

So while I haven't heard a single Canuck moan about the snow for months, we are now officially into Winter Criticising Time. It also coincides with the return of a weather-type I left England to avoid. Rain. Bucket loads of it, sloshing about on top of the snow and ice in the form of grey icy soup, unable to go down the snow-blocked drains.
But hang on a minute, then it snows again. This is really annoying the Canadians, who newly released from the winter moaning restrictions of December - February are now verbalising their discontent.

"I can't believe it's snowing again." Words I never thought I'd hear from Montrealers. Don't we live in a snow belt?
It makes me feel very at home of course being allowed to criticise the weather. This is our default conversation back in Blighty.But there is part of me that is sad to think we might have had our last snowfall. One of my favourite city sights is seeing the snow clearing vehicles come out at night in all shapes and sizes, from something that looks like a combine harvester down to a one-person tonka toy. I say person because there are often women driving these things , clearing snow as we sleep. (or lie awake listening to the snow clearing trucks). Walking out late with my positive friend previously mentioned here, her reaction is, hey that's a woman, whoops and then shouts "You go girl".

I read in the Gazette this week that sales of rubber boots (they don't use the word welly) are up because of the rain. Being British I have two pairs. I think they're next to my bowler hat in the cupboard.

Now where did I put those flip-flops?
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  1. Don't worry, I'm sure it will snow at least once in April. Usually does in TO...

  2. The one thing that's so great about living in Canada is that first sunny day where its 14C but everyone is so excited they put shorts on and head to the nearest patio to have pints.

  3. I have a craving to put on a summer dress and cannot bear to look at my black duvet-style winter coat. I think I have Spring fever but secretly yearn for a really snowy day again.
    Confused of Montreal.

  4. In Glasgow, the birds are nesting, the snowdrops and crocuses have already been and almost gone. The daffodils are flowering now and the tulips are not far behind. Ooops, sorry Canada!

  5. Jane and Ian
    You make me sick. ha ha. But in two weeks we will be skipping through daffodils like the rest of Britain. We will be wearing traditional Morris dancing outfits just to really get in the swing of it.


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