The city at night.

Sunset in Westmount last night. 
I've become a tiny bit obsessed with taking pictures at night recently and a winter walk at sunset on Westmount mountain is the perfect opportunity (unless you're my friend). "Stop taking pictures. It's freezing."

The sky really looked like this.
And so it was we wound our way up and down the mountain (Montrealers use this term loosely as previously discussed) with me snapping and her complaining. Ah yes, we know how to have fun.
St Joseph's Oratory at sunset.
Nevertheless it was a beautiful night for a walk. I especially liked this view with the illuminated cross of St Joseph's Oratory just visible in the evening sky.
Walking home.
But our best view was saved for last as we turned onto Chemin de la Cote Saint-Luc to be greeted with a Wild West type sunset. It's an ugly road at the best of times but the sky was  a deep red and suddenly one of the least likely spots to take a pretty picture turned up trumps.  

Chemin de la Cote Saint-Luc. Sunset-central.

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  1. I love your photos! Now you've got me inspired and I'll try taking night shots. Will see what happens!

  2. I am so happy that you captured the beautiful colours! I wasn't that grouchy was I? I knew there was something radical about to happen in the weather to bring out such a fantastic sky,like another miserable snow storm!!

  3. Trish
    Yes you were grouchy but entertaining as always. You suggested the walk so I have you to thank for the beautiful sunset which we both enjoyed.

  4. Westmount in my favourite neighborhood in Montreal, I would LOVE to live there.

  5. Just find a couple of million dollars and it's all yours. We were visiting from a poorer neighbourhood nearby!


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