Two-blog family

My husband has started his own blog. It's about Real Tennis. He sits in his office and writes his and I sit in my office, at the other end of our flat, and write mine. Sometimes we meet in the hallway. He's taken to saying to people at parties, "You mean you don't have a blog?" and then we laugh.
Tonight I had blog anxiety. I can hear him tapping away at his laptop.
"Are you writing more posts than me?" I ask.

The other night we are leaving his parents' house and my husband holds up my coat for me to grab.
"You never do that to a beautiful woman", says my father-in-law, who takes my coat and holds it open for me to slip into.
"What happened between the generations?", I ask, impressed at his dad's manners as he helps me into it.
"That stuff skips a generation", says my husband and with that, we walk off into the night.

Love your cabbages!

I have a Canadian girlfriend who is so enthusiastic about everything I think it's good for my cynical British soul. As we jog together through Montreal streets she is often inspired by something she sees. A beautiful garden, an attractive house, etc. and loves to express her delight.
"You have a beautiful property," she hollered at a perplexed looking guy emerging from his front door.
"Your garden is wonderful," at various people and my favourite the other day, "You have a gorgeous coat," to a woman as she was about to enter a shop. We never really have time to see their reactions fully as we jog by, but it always makes me smile, this mobile compliment-factory. You've got to love Canadians and their enthusiasm. It all seems like a wonderful reversal of when I used to jog with girlfriends in England. We were never the ones doing the shouting and the comments were never pleasant.


  1. Is that a typically Canadian thing - to be so enthusiastic?

    I'm a South African by birth, been living in England for 13 years - Newcastle/Cumbria for a few years and lately in London, and am in the process of immigration to Canada (Vancouver).

    On a recent visit to Van, a woman came up to me in a shop to compliment me on my skirt .. I was amazed; seems my jaded and cynical outlook will be challenged, quite often. My partner, Canadian, is hugely upbeat and positive.

  2. Mobile compliment factory - what an inspiring idea! I love it. As a "jaded New Yorker," I've been thinking a lot lately about how different my city would be if we all focused a little bit more on the positive rather than the negative. To be fair, though, it's easy to get annoyed when you're packed into a subway during rush hour like rats in a cage. :)

  3. Dear Sadist's Magick
    You must explain your name sometime. I have a feeling there's a good story behind it. Practice being upbeat before you get to Vancouver is my advice. I actually enjoy being miserable and negative - it cheers me up, which is something Canadians will never understand.

    Dear This Blue Lobster - I would like to bet that my jogging friend would find something to be positive about even on the New York subway. There is literally no stopping her.

  4. Ran across your blog from TBEX and so glad we did - looking forward to following your adventures and digging through the archives!

    We're two traveling wildlife field biologists new to TBEX :)

    Carrie & Ben

  5. Ben and Carrie - love your fox pics and others on your blog. Thanks for stopping by. *Thinks why didn't I become a wildlife field biologist?

  6. Two blog family, love it, this is my plan too. At least then you've guaranteed comments and likes! Well, hopefully.
    I think the property one is my fave hollered compliment though!

  7. Jools
    You don't actually think I rely on my other-half for comments and likes do you? I'm relying on you.

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