Fall colours

Fall colours. It even sounds better than Autumn colours. I took these yesterday as we wandered through the woods, feeling a bit sad that summer is over. We are directly under the flight path for the geese flying south for the winter, which just seems to rub it all in a bit. Thanks geese.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the skiing and skating but couldn't I just have a bit longer till I have to wear my long black coats for six months?

 I know it looks beautiful but we stay in a cottage in these woods and at this time of year it's so cold that we wear hats to bed. Not so pretty now is it?


  1. Hats in cottages?Sound about right for Canada.
    Here in our province, you can tell it is about to explode with colour. Cant wait!

  2. Why aye man but it cannae be any warmer in Newky eh?! Simply stunning. I'm definitely linking to you in my round up of Montreal's best bits.
    Cheers, Jools :-)

  3. Am drooling with envy at these gorgeous photos... just beautiful!


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