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Montreal, where they all have accents

 I like to shout at the radio. Last night, making dinner while listening to the CBC ...
Presenter -"OOh I do love their British accents."
Me - "WE don't have accents. Do they actually think we are speaking the Canadian language with English accents for God's sake? THEY have the accents. We are speaking English."
Husband from other room - "Now now, dear."

British friend who lives in Montreal - "I say gas and I say petrol. "
Husband- "you mean you're bilingual?"

Friend on hearing I like to meet new people - "Yes well, you have that all-people-are-fascinating thing. I have the all-people-are a**holes thing."


  1. Haha! This is hilarious! I am a foreigner living in Scotland. They keep saying; "You have an accent." I want to say - "YOU'RE the one with the accent." And whoever it was that told me they speak English in Scotland was a bit fat liar! But now I am becoming bilingual too - speaking English and learning to speak Scottish. Oh, aye.

  2. I think I'll have a t-shirt made with that on.
    I'm still laughing at your blog...my idea of camping is a hotel without a hairdryer. Brilliant.

  3. Looks like I've found me a new favourite blog — strange that it's about Canada! I used to be English, but I've been Canadian for so long now I don't remember what it feels like to be anything else. (I was going to add something about losing my English accent years ago, but frankly, I'm way too scared.) I'll recover smoothly by saying I'm hope you'll write something about the quebecois accent someday — that's gotta be worth a blog post or two.

  4. Maria
    Lovely to hear from you. Good idea on the quebecois accent. Should I ever work out what they are saying to me I shall certainly blog about it.
    Now one more time, you didn't lose an accent - you just gained one.
    Love Anne

  5. My American mother-in-law once told me I wrote with a Dutch accent.

    And another American told me my Dutch accent had a British accent.

    Now, years later, Americans sometimes wonder if I'm Canadian . . . (I've never lived in Canada).

    Not all people are very good at placing accents. The closest people have come in my case is German. A young kid the other day wondered if I was from . . (don't laugh) Italy!

  6. Dear Miss Footloose
    Writing with an accent, I love it. That's a classic. I'm often mistaken for Australian or South African, which is a little bit like telling a Canadian they sound American.(I don't particularly like it.) In England my Canadian husband walked into a rural pub and ordered drinks. The somewhat brusque landlady asked where he was from. Canada he replied. "Ah - that's what's wrong with you." was her reply.

  7. Hmmm...I alternate between the two "things"...except that I'm usually the problem and not the people around me! ;-)

    I do enjoy your blog Anne! Hey, my most recent post is a round-up of my favourite jokes-Canadians-tell-on-themselves. You, being a come-from-away, might have something to add to this mix?

    Question: How many Canadians does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Answer: None. We don't try to *change* the lightbulb, we accept it exactly as it is...;-)

  8. Julie
    Ah yes I see you have used my best one except I heard it slightly differently. How do you get a group of drunken Canadians out of a swimming pool?
    "Can you get out of the swimming pool, please"


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