Not again...

Oh no, not more beautiful Fall colours. It has now become impossible to walk around the lake without stopping every 10 seconds to take another picture. They say the best photographs are taken at dawn or sunset. As I am never going to get up at dawn, sunset seems like a good idea. Quite frankly I will be glad when all these leaves fall off and I can have a normal walk.

It really was this colour.

The Canadians are all saying these colours are past their best. Really? It's something Canadians are able to pinpoint, like the quality of corn on the cob from one week to the next in summer. All corn tastes good to Brits. Similarly they are able to see the puck on the ice. I cannot. I think this stuff is in their Canadian genes.

This is milkweed - not sure we have this in England?

Thanksgiving dinner was a triumph. I managed to cook my bird sans giblets and today have been up to my eyes in turkey bones making soup. Canadians told me this would be easy. Boiling an egg is easy. Picking bones out of a lot of hot, boiled turkey is not. I now feel as if I am wearing Eau de turkey. 

The road around the lake, Laurentians.


  1. Great photos, Anne. I especially like the milkweed. It looks like a cluster of exotic fish...

  2. I love autumn - it's colors, the great variety of fruits and so on. I really liked these photos here - and the story! Lovely!

  3. Thank you CP and Lori. It was a great thanksgiving weekend and the turkey sandwiches and soup lasted quite a long time. I'm checking out your website Lori - looks really interesting and maybe I can get my blog on their somehow.


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