Talking turkey

My feature on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour has been selected for  Pick of the Week tomorrow (Sunday) at 18.15 GMT and 13.15 EST. I plan to listen while tackling the Thanksgiving turkey. A total of 13 family members will be gathering round the table and I have been trusted to do one of the birds. They know absolutely nothing about the cooking the bag of giblets inside the turkey-incident of recent years - and why should they? They are better off in ignorance.
The Fall colours are still beautiful here at the cottage. I was taking pictures of sunset at a lake tonight while out on a walk. A car screeches to a halt, guy leaps out, shouts "Quelle bonne idée, madame" and produces a camera from his boot (trunk) and starts snapping away. Cute.
You can listen to Pick of the Week (starts at 32 mins) but for full 11 minute version of bear story go here Woman's Hour.


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