Becoming more British

I'm the world's least patriotic Brit but there's nothing like emigrating to make you come over all-British. I don't even say I'm English here in Montreal because it has certain connotations ie. people might think you are an Anglo Montrealer who hasn't bothered to learn French. (as opposed to an English person who hasn't bothered to learn French.) I feel I have moral superiority because I've just been here 2 years and I have had 33 weeks of French lessons). My French is still rubbish.
Also my Britishness has shown itself in my penchant for making British desserts for all the Canucks (sticky toffee pudding anyone?) and suddenly steak and kidney pie has entered my culinary repertoire. I'm working up to making a real steak and kidney pudding. Yesterday I walked 45 minutes to a store which sells British stuff and bought a jar of marmite. Next thing you know I'll be wearing a Pearly Queen outfit and going up the old apples and pears. What on earth is going on?


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