A walking tour of Old Montreal (video)

Skateboarders at Bonsecours Market
Don't ever say you're off to the old town in Montreal. They will look at you like you are talking about Timbuctu. It's Old Montreal, never the old town, I have learned. This summer I spent a very pleasant time with the fabulous Michael Banks, from the Auberge Restaurant Bonaparte as we filmed a whirlwind tour of er.... you know... the old bit for About.com. Yes this is a bit of North America (oops Canadians hate that expression) with cobblestone streets and historic buildings.
Afternoon shadows, Old Montreal
 It's a real jewel and I'm still discovering nooks and crannies there for the first time. As Michael, who lives in the Old Town, says in the video - it is like a village next to a big city. Dismiss it as a tourist trap at your peril. Why not visit out of hours or out of season when you can have it to yourself? I particularly love the climb to the top of  Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel (see video) and the views from some of the rooftop bars such as the one we ended up in during filming. (it was a hot day after all)
Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal
Click here to see my video for About.com. See if you can spot me in it. If you're a subscriber reading this on email remember to click on the title of the post above to get to the real blog and the real video. 
Montreal Tourism have a great video on their website showing off Vieux Montréal.


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