View from a tree

The view at Au Diable Vert

We've just been to the Eastern Townships and visited the treehouses at Au Diable Vert - yet another way these Canadians have dreamed up of providing off-the-wall accommodation. Not content with submarines, ice hotels and prisons, you can also sleep in a tree. Au Diable Vert describes itself as a mountain station - 200 acres between the Sutton Mountain range and Vermont's Green Mountains. They have 14km of trails which lead to the 175km-long hiking trail, Sentiers-de-l'Estrie as well as 95km of paths in Park Sutton and Green Mountain Nature Reserve.

Eagle's Nest

We checked out the treehouses on a rainy afternoon where the misty hills reminded me of the English Lake District - layers of blue mountains stacked up on top of each other. The Eagle's Nest sleeps up to four and welcomes you with a burst of heat from the stove as soon as you open the door. Yes, it's tiny but you can always stretch your legs on your balcony.

Paradis Perché
Our favourite was the Paradis Perché which sleep up to 6 but would be perfect for two to spread out. It seemed to be the lightest treehouse with plenty windows from which to enjoy your leafy view. The heat in these rustic Canadian places is always a shock to a Brit. Remember our night in the Gatineau ski hut in mid-winter when we were too hot to sleep? The combination of a wood stove, small space and good insulation is something which can take you by surprise.

Inside the well-lit Paradis Perché
Our eye was caught by this new treehouse they are still building (below). Definitely their prettiest yet. I loved its funky railings made from branches. It will sleep up to eight but if trees are a little too rustic for you Au Diable Vert also has apartments with woodstoves and clawfoot baths, log cabins such as the Jeremy Fisher, prospector tents, a treegloo and for the really Canadian among you - campgrounds.
The latest treehouse to be built

Each tree house has a camp kitchen, woodstove and table and chairs but you will have to descend your perch to reach the rustic WC. The bunks and mattresses are cozy and I could imagine falling asleep here and waking with the birds.

Pretty views in any weather

In summer there are all sorts of activities from moonlight kayaking to mushroom workshops but I quite fancy snowshoeing. What could be better after a bracing trek in the snow than ascending your tree and locking out the world? 

Canadian Tourism made this video in the treehouses which gives you a good idea of what it's like.
Au Diable Vert is about a 90 minute drive from Montreal.


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