How cold is cold in Montreal?

Smiling through the pain at -14C on the mountain.
So how cold does it get in Montreal in the winter? Just a week ago we were praying for snow.  Today the contents of my nose froze. It was -29C (with windchill) today. It's our own fault really. Another trip to Mount Royal Park for a little ski up and down the Olmstead Road (named after Frederick Olmstead who designed this and New York's Central Park.) It's a long slow gradient and perfect for beginners. (can I really still be a beginner after four winters?) So there I am heading down the hill to meet my Plateau friend who is heading upwards.

A family day out for Montrealers
 I've never been so glad to see anyone in all my life. I was in agony. I'd lost feeling in my hands and my nose felt as if someone had stuffed some paper up it. This is the frozen-snot syndrome I have described here before. So we set off back up the hill and despite the icy and not very good conditions we soon warmed up with the effort. I love the characters you see on the Olmstead Road. Above is a family (mother, father, baby and dog) having an outing to the mountain. Except he is sprinting down the hill, followed by the dog and pulling mum and infant on a sled. You've got to admire these people in -14C. They were really flying.
The Olmstead Road today
 So what does -14C (-29C with windchill) feel like? Pretty uncomfortable unless you are really moving. It's your extremities that are in for it. My face felt it would freeze off and my hands lost feeling, even in my warmest mittens.  But there is a huge sense of accomplishment when you sit drinking your mulled wine in the Pavilion afterwards. Ruddy faces in ski hats merrily chat and thank God they are no longer roughing it outside. That's the thing about being outside in winter - it makes coming inside the most unspeakable luxury. A hot bath, a glass of festive sherry (don't mind if I do).
Our car thermometer show -14C

Now I am home in front of a roaring fire with the cat lying on me I can look back on what a great adventure it all was. A trip to the corner shop in this weather makes you feel like an Arctic explorer. It takes you half an hour to put your kit on for a start. So even though the conditions were icy (toboggan run was closed today due to ice) I feel I have fought back against the Montreal winter, so many people complain about. That, dear reader, is the only thing to do. Now wait and see what I'm saying by March.

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