Opera chicken

Are you an opera chicken?
I have a theory that people who say they don't like opera haven't really heard any. Which is why I challenge you not to be an opera chicken and get yourself along to one of Montreal Opera's free concerts in Berri Metro. I've been going for several years now and am never disappointed though it is getting harder to stand at the front as the crowd size grows. Here's what I caught on video....

"You wouldn't know it to look at them." was my friend's reaction to seeing live opera singers for the first time. I know just what she means. These young, good-looking artists who performed at Berri Metro on Wednesday are not everyone's stereotype of how an opera singer looks. They weren't wearing horns and they didn't break the stage. Montreal Opera regularly put on these 45 minute shows right in the middle of the station and the singers brave station announcements, passing commuters, camera flashes and the occasional dancing homeless person as they perform. If you live in Montreal and want a treat - sign up for the Montreal Opera newsletter and they will email you when Metropera is about to happen. Just don't stand in front of me.
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