Record snow fall in Montreal

I think I might have something I'm calling snowdrift-legs. My hips and thighs ache from walking in deep snow. Just as well as there is too much of the stuff to go out for a run. Just getting around is a work-out. 45cm of the stuff fell yesterday and as it came down it got closer and closer to the time when I had to face going out.

It was a day of digging today for lots of Montrealers

 A ten minute walk to the Metro station took me 30 minutes as I negotiated uncleared pavements and deep, drifting snow. I wore sunglasses and a balaclava for the horizontal snow. The shades steamed up every few minutes, so I was constantly taking them on and off. On my return trip home I tried to wear my damp balaclava - not recommended. Walking on the road is a risk a lot of people take but with the snow coming down I was worried the drivers wouldn't see me so I stayed on the pavements and worked my thighs.

Work those thighs

 You are not really able to jump out of the way if a car skids either, as snow banks line the road. Today the sun is shining - a typical Montreal winter's day with snow and blue skies. Only now will the city clear the streets - it's pointless while the storm continues. Montrealers are used to it of course. I saw old ladies out shopping today, negotiating snow banks - one was walking with a cane. These people are tough,man.

Toddler on Monkland - the easy way

They were born to it of course and you soon learn to love snow if you spend your early years travelling around like this (pic above). Lying on your back in your shades like some reclining rock star getting pulled around the streets by your mum. My husband asked if this boy's mum was running a taxi service.

I'm a cat. I can take it.

Even the neighbourhood cats are taking it in their stride as they nestle down in some nice chilly snow.


  1. I saw that on the news today. Wow! I'm just writing about Brits in cold climates over at the BBC America, Mind the Gap blog.

    The one thing I always found difficult getting around Chicago in deep snow was when I was pushing a pushchair/stroller. The trenches were never wide enough and when you came to cross the street there was no way those wheels were making it through the deep sludge. I inevitably ended up walking on the road, and it gave me a thorough appreciation of what it must be like trying to get round in a wheelchair.

  2. I'm ashamed to say I was a bit afraid as I walked around in the blizzard. I couldn't see very well (steamed up shades to protect the eyes) and neither could the drivers. It was hard to see where the road ended and pavement started. You can't hear the cars approaching and you cannot always see when your path is obstructed with three foot high drifts. But then I am a big chicken.....

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