It's a dog's life

The friendliness of banking staff is not something I have ever got used to here in Canada. In England you have to shout under a plexiglass screen to communicate with them and they always look fed up.
Not leaving a deposit I hope - the bank's favourite doggie customers

Here banking staff are all smiley and warm and say things to you like, "I really like your hat."  Our bank has just opened up a new branch and have taken customer relations to a new level. It has the ambiance of a boutique hotel rather than a financial establishment.
I really need to pay in a cheque.

 Free chocolates on the counter, a handshake from the manager, an invitation to coffee and if you are a dog owner - you can have your pooch's picture on their noticeboard.

Must check my balance today.

 We popped in the other day and my husband was invited to practise his golf stroke while I paid in a cheque. "Montreal Opera? - is there a secret talent you want to share with us?" asked the cashier as she deposited the cheque for me.
The green at TD, Monkland Avenue
Being used to the British style of service, where the customer is always wrong, we rather enjoy the overfamiliarity of our bank. We drink the free coffee, we eat the free chocolates, we are thinking of getting a dog so his picture can be on the board.

Wonder if I can get my Visa limit extended?
 As my husband was getting our free coffees the other morning we decided to try the syrup waffles in a jar next to the coffee machine. As we both bit into them together we realised what we had done. So when Rover goes in for his free treat he might notice someone has had a couple of bites out of them first. Now that's what I call a friendly bank.


  1. Ahhhh, Heartwarming little post but that banking-love has got to be a Quebec thing. Can't say I've experienced it in Ontario although the Bank of Montreal did let Calgary trot a horse through its downtown King & Bay location for Grey Cup after the Royal York Hotel wouldn't go for the idea. Maybe a new form of banking PR?

  2. Brilliant! Our local branch of Lloyds is pretty welcoming but no coffee or waffles but you get big smiles from behind the bullet proof glass! Thanks Anne

  3. Hope the horse didn't leave a deposit? You can only be so friendly through bullet-proof glass I find. Love it!

  4. True. I receive coffee every time I go to my RBC in Winnipeg. Service is always good. Never thought about it as a canadian thing, just thought other bank service was poor in other countries, except Australia. They are also friendly.

  5. Hello friendly Winnipeg. But what do the dog biscuits taste like?


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