This page features a selection of my video work for clients including - Opera McGill, Atelier lyrique, Montreal Opera, Maimonides Hospital, Saguenay Tourism and Art Souterrain. (keep scrolling down the page to see them all)
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Filming in the Valley of the Ghosts, Saguenay, Quebec
Project 1: Opera McGill

Anyone familiar with the Opera department at McGill University knows it has a first class reputation. So I could not have been happier when Prof Patrick Hansen, director of Opera studies there, asked me to film a unique project they have created this year. Every major production by the opera students has a Shakespeare theme. I am producing a series of mini documentaries for the web about the collaboration between Professor Hansen's opera department, Shakespeare scholar Prof Paul Yachnin and Repercussion Theatre artistic director Paul Hopkins. The singers are treated to acting lessons as well as literary study to really get inside their Shakespearean roles. It makes for some fun viewing.  Check out their next productions I Capuleti i e Montecchi and Operatic Shakespeare in which the singers act and sing Shakespeare scenes. (March 20/21/22) View all my videos for Opera McGill here on their YouTube channel.

Project 2: Montreal Opera

For two years running Montreal Opera's young artists' programme, the Atelier lyrique, has commissioned me to make short videos profiling the opera singers and pianist there. The idea was to raise the profile of the opera stars of tomorrow, tell their personal stories and entice people into listening to opera. The singers are very vocal (oops) about getting more people to come to see opera. I had a lot of fun filming them off duty around Montreal. When they're not singing they are doing yoga in the park, playing Xbox and eating smoked meat, among other things as you will see. View all my videos for Atelier lyrique on their YouTube channel

Among the Montreal landmarks you will see in the opera videos are the Lookout at the Parc Mont Royal, St Joseph's Oratory, the Lachine Canal and Schwartz's.

The singers, mostly in their 20s, are the opposite of what most people imagine when they think of opera and they are keen to debunk the myths and stereotypes.

Project 3: Saguenay Tourism

Winter fun in the Saguenay
Saguenay Tourism in Quebec commissioned me to make a series of videos highlighting their winter activities and attractions. Just watching this one makes me want to go back there. To see all 5 videos I produced for Saguenay go here: Five films on fun below freezing.

Project 4: Maimonides Hospital

How pet visitors change lives.

Maimonides Hospital in Montreal commissioned me to make a film as a tribute to the people who bring in their pets to visit residents there. I was asked to tell the story of how these visits make a difference to their lives. The results, I think, are quite moving. I was thrilled to hear that the film had helped increase the recruitment of pet visitors like these.

A tribute to hospital volunteers.

I was asked back by Maimonides. This time they commissioned me to make a short  documentary about their volunteer programme. I spent several days following volunteers around as they do their work and talk about why they are driven to help in this way. This is their story.....

Part One
Part Two
Project 5: Art Souterrain

Art Souterrain, Montreal's art show in the 
underground city, commissioned me to film their guest artistsThe visitors were from Calgary .....

and from Paris...... I interviewed them all in the middle of winter and remember well scrambling through thick snow with my video and tripod to get to the underground city late at night.


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