Buoyed up by Canadian pronunciation.

View from our dining room today.

Here's another audio blog folks by popular request. Just a few more Canadian pronunciations which make me laugh and the Canadians, bless them, think I'M pronouncing them in some bizarre fashion when we all know that it's them all along. Or is it? See what you think. Click on the arrow on the left to play.
PS thank you so much Canadian friend for being willing victim.

Previous pronunciations which strike me as silly. I say tomato..
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  1. Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! I laughed so hard! Anne, I have to agree with you - they're the ones with the accent! Hilarious!
    The 'oot about aboot' part sounds like the Scottish.
    Living in Scotland I have people constantly telling me, "You have an accent!" And I tell them, "No. YOU'RE the one with the accent!"

  2. Boo-ey? You have got to be joking.

  3. Nicola I've heard people say it's a myth that Canadians say oot and aboot but I'm hear to tell you that it is true. I hear it every day. Thank goodness you and I speak normally...er hang on a minute. aren't you from South Africa?

    Mark - I know, I know. Imagine if they sold Lifebuoy soap here - life boo - eee. Er.. I think not.

  4. Excellent!

    You may have seen this already (and I know it's American English and not Canadian English) but it cracks me up every time I watch it...


  5. great post! I didn't realise 'buoy' was said so differently here in Canada!

  6. Yes first time I heard it I could not believe what I was hearing. That's why we love them though. They are so inventive with words and polite.

  7. No no we say it the proper way, after all we are the new world.

  8. Hilarious! I want more of these! :)

    About is my favourite. I cannot get over how cute Canadians say it.

  9. I had to listen to this again because it is sooo funny! Boo-ey is my favourite! I have never heard that before.
    And I do speak normally, Anne. Coming from South Africa and all... We say bouy just like you do and basil just like you do. Garage is a bit different though - here people talk about a 'garrige'. We say it the proper way: GAR-RAHJ!

  10. I'm a garrige girl coming from the North of England and it's definitely scones as in one and not scones as in own! But then I don't always talk like the Queen.

  11. We were on the same track! Just found your blog and will enjoy all the posts, I'm sure. Here is my version: http://ukloveaffair.blogspot.com/2011/03/you-say-potato.html

  12. Thanks Brenda
    You have some good ones there on your blog. Crisps and chips is a favourite - I recently had a house party where I labelled one bowl chips and one crisps and enjoyed watching the Canadians looking confused. Same thing in both bowls of course.

  13. Thanks, Anne. Just have to defend Canadians a little, as well. Having grown up along the border with Buffalo, we used to have a good laugh at the Americans who came over to their cottages on Lake Erie for the summer because THEY said boo-ey and we said boy. The other Can-Am thing I get a kick out of is deck-als (Canadian) and DEE-cals (American). Not sure if there's any application to the Brit pronunciation here or not... I LOVE the two bowls labelled chips and crisps! Must try that.


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