Where's our nuts?

Have you got my nuts?
I'm starting to think that Canadians can learn from squirrels. When they bury their nuts for the winter they put them in lots of different places. That's because squirrels know that they will forget where - come the winter.

I think I put them over here.

A friend told me of someone who was convinced a burglar had stolen all the family's winter coats one year. She went to her wardrobe where her coats used to be and found it bare. Only later did she remember she had taken them to the dry cleaners the previous Spring where they had been residing all summer.
One boathouse - two seasons.

Similarly I am beginning to suffer from this annual amnesia when this country transforms itself into a winter wonderland for six months. I have already recounted the story of my "stolen" iPod which had been sitting in my winter anorak for nine months. Only when the snow came did I put it on and find it.
Same boathouse in summer.

Living in Canada is like living in two foreign countries to me - the summer one where the temperatures are high enough for pavement cafes and late nights sitting outside (heaven when you're used to English summers) and the winter country where we live with snow for six months, need winter tyres and can ski and skate regularly. Twice a year you are marching down to your basement with bags of out-of-season clothes.

Summer slide in winter.

But the sudden change between the summer Canada and winter Canada catches us all by surprise. The same is true of Spring. Another friend recounts how she loves this time of year because she often sees her neighbours for the first time and discovers that some are six months pregnant.

But just for the moment I'm looking with just a bit more admiration at those grey furry creatures my friend calls rats with good PR.

Who me?


  1. Spot on Anne, as usual. You really have us figured out. I love the change in seasons - I forget half the clothes I bought the previous year and it's like Christmas all over again. I'm sure squirrels feel the same way when they find their forgotten buried treasure...

  2. That little squirrel looks too cute for words!
    Lovely pictures too. And a great Monday morning giggle. As usual I love reading your blog, Anne.

  3. It's funny I've told South Americans about how Canadians have two sets of clothing and the task of digging your summer clothes out once you think winter is gone, they think we're crazy.

  4. Thx guys. Nat - Couldn't agree more - I'm still finding clothes I have not unpacked since England (two and a half years ago). This is why Canadians have basements - to store clothes and give themselves a nice surprise twice a year. What a great idea. Well done Canucks.
    Nicola - Squirrels, cute, mmm not sure about that one. They are as fat as cats at the moment - storing up for winter. Also they are everywhere in Montreal. Some relatives from Europe came into town and really annoyed a tour guide who was showing them the historical highlights of Montreal yet all they wanted to do was take hundreds of photos of the grey rodents.

  5. Ayngelina. It's true you need to spend more money on clothes here in Canada which is bad news for me as I am ever so slightly obsessed with clothes anyway. Oops. But thanks for the justification!


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