Just say no.

No not yet you don't.
It's 24C right now on September 22nd so there is no excuse whatsoever for the people I saw today in wellies (rubber boots to you Canadians), Uggs, woolly hats, etc. Come on people let's not give in to winter so easily. A t-shirt and shorts would have done nicely. Well done to the chaps I saw in sandals today, by the way. I'm reading about snow falling in Banff. If we all had a bit more of a positive attitude maybe we could slow this winter thing down a bit. Now just concentrate, will you.


  1. On Saturday (Oct. 2) I was cycling around Vancouver's Stanley Park seawall in shorts and a T-shirt...but it was apparently the bitter end of summer because today the bite of winter is truly in the air.

    I'm concentrating, I'm concentrating...;-)

    Just discovered your blog (thanks to Randall Shirley) and love the tone! I'll be back...



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