Turning Canadian or is it French

Montreal pronounced mah-ree-al

Visiting Brits are always fascinated by the French angle in Quebec. Do the Quebecois feel allied to France? etc. I tell my story about a French friend (from France) who was once told "You abandoned us" by a local when she first arrived here. I think it's going to take me years to understand the subtleties of living in French Canada so I'm not surprised visitors are confused. One thing we all agree on - French Canada is much more interesting than English Canada. When so many cities seem like carbon copies of each other with identical high street stores, etc it's great to live in a city which is genuinely different.
 I just had my French evaluation to see which category I should study in next term. Unfortunately I scored a 6, no idea how, so I have to search for a new school. I'm on a waiting list. I think I showed off too much with my reflexive verbs in the past tense. Should have kept my mouth shut. Don't be impressed. I still struggle to understand anyone unless they slow down their speech to half normal speed.


  1. Love your blog! Am enjoying it as I sit here in Montreal on a fine winter morning.

    You are more Canadian than you realize! It is so stereotypic of a Montrealer to say that French Canada is much more interesting than English Canada, and to assume that English Canada is all bland, all the same, etc. Right now, someone in Toronto is whining about stuck-up Montrealers and denegrating Calgary, while in Calgary, someone is just at this very moment complaining about stuck-up Torontonians and asserting that Montreal lost all vitality decades ago, etc.

    It's a grand Canadian tradition.


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