Balls in Montreal.

I'm feeling very Canadian today. A bank teller has just told me he liked my tuque (pronounced chook) and I knew what he meant.  Also we did something very Canadian last night. It felt around -20C with windchill so what did we do? We went out into the night and stood around some giant illuminated balloon thingies.

Doing anything in this weather feels like an Arctic expedition but going out to see art truly adds to the feeling of superiority. I know it was cold because there is a certain temperature when taking your mittens off results in pain. I lost feeling in my right hand after fiddling with my camera settings so I'm guessing it was around the minus 20C mark.Canadians think nothing of standing in the cold to look at art. 
These Spheres Polaires by Bernard Duguay and Pierre Gagnon from Lucion Media actually respond to your movement and can be controlled by a giant red lever. They can be found near the Place des Arts on the esplanade of Place des Festivals.  Commissioned by the Quartier des Spectacles, they prove that things can be just as spectacular below freezing as is the summer.
My husband's quote after standing around looking at the spheres was "At first it left me a bit cold" but then he conceded, " the longer you looked at them the more fun they became ". So to my friend who suggested we go out into the night and photograph the spheres I say, thank you. It was not a crazy idea after all. It was a Canadian idea.
More of my photos on the Dear England, Love Canada Facebook page

For more info visit Tourisme Montreal.


  1. Such dry wit from your husband, Anne. It's what we'll need as we drive north to Vancouver in May ... ?! ... loving your photos and words. Jx

  2. The photos are awesome, I love Quebec festivals.

  3. Thanks so much. I was pleased to see they turned out ok after I got the feeling back in my fingers.


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