Crazy for Valentines

The ice chapel in Quebec's ice hotel - popular for weddings
There I was, expounding my theory on how cheesy the whole Valentine's thing is, sappy couples getting ripped off in restaurants strewn with tacky red hearts when I noticed
 my friend looked a bit uncomfortable. I guess I'm just a cheesy guy, he said.
OK now I feel guilty. I didn't realise Valentine's Day here is such a BIG DEAL.
I got two Valentine's gifts of chocolate from GIRLFRIENDS for goodness sake. Chilli chocolate was amazing by the way.
Then my friend tells me she and husband had been to the same patisserie at different times to buy chocolate gifts for the kids AND said patisserie was crowded with people buying chocolates.
Has anyone told them it's supposed to be for couples who are in love? Come to think of it it's all rather sweet. Thank goodness I'm going back to England soon for a refresher course on cynicism. Man, do I need it.
PS Although I think Valentine's is for sad saps I have never been known to refuse flowers. Big expensive flowers.


  1. Did you know some of St Valentine's bones - for he did exist - are in a special altar in the Gorbals of all places in Glasgow. Google that one! Not the most romantic place to be partially deposited. Jane in (almost springtime if that damn cold front would just back off) Glasgow

  2. Oh Anne! Don't knock it til you've tried it! When you get to my old age you will be glad of a little sappiness!
    By the way, have you been to AU PAIN DORE in "your" belle ville de Montreal? The chocolate croissants are sinfully delectable! And their sandwiches are....ridiculously delicious! I went there by accident last April, when I was trying to find the place where you told me Leonard Cohen frequents. It was beyond compensation for missing Lenny! Yum yum. Please enjoy a visit there with your lovely Peter...hearts, flowers and chocies for you too!


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