Sun-worshipping in winter

St Augustine Church in NDG.

Even when it's -20C my husband will suggest crossing the street to be in the sun. We love to feel the rays on our face. To me a typical Montreal Winter's day is cold and sunny. It makes the season so much more bearable to see the intense blue skies. People accuse me of thinking the grass is greener here but I know the skies are bluer. 

A sumac tree

In both December and January there is an average of 150 hours of sunshine here in Montreal. Back home in North-East England there are around  just 50 hours in those months. Even in July there are 300 hours of sunshine here and just around 160 back home. So when people tell me they don't know how I can stand a Canadian winter I tell them I find it easier than a British one, because of the sunshine.

Another chance to stop running.

On the coldest of mornings you simply gravitate to the sunniest part of your home and bask in the light with your coffee, pretending it's summer. That's if you can get the cat out of the way. She often sunbathes on our cowhide rug in the kitchen in exactly the right spot for you to fall over her.

St Augustine as night falls

Even the coldest of runs are enhanced by the sunshine - I took all these pictures while out jogging. I needed to capture the light. It was absolutely nothing to do with trying to get my breath back.
Marianopolis College

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  1. lovely photos again, I love looking at all your pictures :-) Wendx

  2. Thank you. We are currently experiencing Spring. This is the time of year when Montrealers start emerging from their homes and you chat to your neighbours again. 13C today.


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