Cancel Spring, Let's call it Summer

Ice-cream seller at the Lookout
Don't get carried away. We've had snow in May before. This was the grim Canadian warning I received for being so excited about temperatures in their twenties in MID MARCH from a friend. Hard not to get worked up though when you see the scenes today. An ice-cream seller was quick off the mark and pushed his cart to the chalet lookout in Mount Royal Park. A popular spot with tourists and locals. You can see views of the city behind him.
Where did the ice go?
This (above) was the scene at Beaver Pond ice rink - sunbathers sat where skaters once rested (below) just a few days ago. The ice melt has formed a half-lake and you can see the semi-frozen Beaver Lake and snow on the toboggan runs behind them. We even saw one guy tobogganing.

Just over a week ago they were skating here
But what's all the fuss about? It's Spring and it's warm. I can tell you it's pretty weird basking in 25C again today without a bud, never mind a leaf, on a single tree. The grass is still dead from being under snow for five months and yet it's a summer day in every other respect.

Sitting in the sun looking over Montreal
 Montrealers rose to the challenge and turned up in skimpy outfits to lie in the park and play football (both kinds). We even saw a cardinal singing his heart out (below) obviously thrilled at the warmer weather. It's going to last a few more days apparently but I've been warned never to put your snow clothes away till April 11 by another friend. My winter boots are staying put until at least May.


  1. For the first time in my memory, I've got daffodils open in mid-March. Eastern Ontario is enjoying the same conditions as Montreal (first time as well that I haven't been envious of English friends' gardens). We were wishing for a quick-off-the-mark ice cream seller yesterday on a drive in the country, but alas, the village shops were still thinking that tourist season begins around May 24. Hard to imagine that we might have more snow, but we've learned the hard way about washing and stowing away all the cold weather gear too early. Love the cardinal!

  2. Pleased to report most of our local cafes and restaurants have moved their tables outside or removed their windows in that Montreal way. Suddenly all the restos are open onto the street. Walking home last night there was the chatter of diners enjoying a summer night. Thunder expected today to break the temperatures I'm off out in my bikini.

  3. Do not get carried away, repeat, do not get carried away... because a) it's very English to declare summer in March (in fact, they're doing it as we speak!) and b) we all know and love Canada - and things have a habit of changing very quickly. All that to say what fabulous weather you've been having. On a par with our temps all the way over here :)

  4. Ha ha too late. It was minus 3C yesterday up at the cottage. But thankfully the week of summer (which is over) melted all the snow so we could actually get to the cabin - a whole month earlier than usual. Once you get Spring Fever it's hard to shake it and I now refuse to wear a warm coat in the cold.
    PS it's beautifully sunny as always.

  5. Spring is such a funny time - hot,cold,hot,cold! It sounds like a good idea to keep your boots handy. Even here on the west coast we're having chilly weather - the flowers are out but it's so cold again today! We're looking forward to the summer months... Great photos!


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