Montrealers go crazy for Spring

Patisserie Nancy in NDG
 It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the seasons change here. Just a few days ago it wasn't much above zero. Then it is as if someone flicked a switch and it's summer. 23C (73F) was enough to bring everyone outside today. It hasn't even been a long hard winter but it's been winter so that's reason enough to celebrate.
Dogs in a baby carriage. Of course it is.
Not a winter coat to be found - instead people were in shorts, cami-tops and sandals. The dogs were dressing up too. These ones were in a stroller just taking in the sunshine - as you do.
How come it's not freezing?
A stroll in Monkland village and forget sitting outside at a pavement cafe - there was hardly a table left. Everyone was thinking the same thing as they ventured out into their gardens for the first time in five months, chatted to the neighbours they haven't seen for ages and cleaned up bicycles which have been gathering dust all winter. Thank goodness it's over.
Bicycle gets an outing
Spring starts for us when our friend down the road tunes up our bicycles and every year we have the same discussion about what a miracle it is that winter is over. You can't blame us for being for cock-a-hoop. This is how it looked three days ago (below) and now it's like one of the hottest days I could wish for back in England. I had to do it. I had to check the temperature back in Newcastle. 11C today. Now why does that make me feel even happier?
NDG three days ago


  1. Welcome to Canadian spring, Anne! It's always toocoldtoocoldtoocoldgawdwherearemysandals!?!? I'm off to the UK three weeks from today for a six-week stay, and wondering if I will have missed all the daffs, magnolias, rhododendrons, etc.

  2. I will be visiting when you are there. Last April they had a heatwave. Keep your fingers crossed. Yes those elusive daffs - think we might miss them but you should be good.


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