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Drinking Canadian tea

Today I realised I have assimilated into Canadian life. I now drink Canadian tea. Shocking I know. I haven't dropped my standards, Brits.  Lukewarm water served with a teabag garnish will send me into paroxysms of anger. But when a friend asked me if I wanted the usual boxes of tea bringing back from England I caught myself saying, no we've found a Canadian tea we like, thanks. Next I'll be saying Sarraday instead of Saturday and erbs instead of herbs.
Tea Canadian-style. Mmm
I did just want to share with you that all is still not rosy in the Canadian tea drinking community. You could not make it up. Take a good look at the offering given to my friend at her Canadian boss' house. (We'll skip over the fact that you never go to your boss' house in England). He offered to make her tea. Those of a nervous disposition should probably look away now. He then went into the kitchen and my friend heard the sound of the microwave. Yes folks, he was boiling the tea water in it. No kettle and no teapot so the whole confection was served up in a Pyrex jug. Tea Canadian-style. When I was relating this hilarious story to another friend she blanched and said, what is wrong with boiling the water in the microwave? There is much work to be done, people.
Except if it's in a pyrex jug

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  1. I protest! That is not the way a Canadian makes tea. That is the way some Canadians make tea. And some Brits drink instant coffee! Horror of all horrors!
    I remember my sister telling me a story of how people where she lived would reuse the tea bags and actually squeeze the bags.

  2. The wartime spirit lives on in all of us, eh what?


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