Dear Canada I'm in England

Warkworth beach
 Sometimes this blog is more Dear Canada, Love England - that's when I venture home to North-East England to see friends and family and get out in the bracing air for hikes. Today we picked Warkworth - we've probably walked it dozens of times but when you live abroad it's a real treat.
An old wreck, no not me
A typical day - looks good in photographs but was actually blooming freezing. The whole of the North-East coast is wonderful for beach walks. Alnmouth was the place my fishing parents used to bring me as a kid.
Blue sand
It's so strange to be back - every street corner has memories for me (that sounds wrong I know). But as we walk in city or country thoughts of years gone by flood back. We've not just walked the beaches here but stayed in cottages along the coastline too.
The dunes
 We used to favour winter walks on the golden beaches here. They were always quieter and what shall I say, bracing.
Keeping warm in 7C
Despite the blue skies it was a bit nippy and the 45 minute walk up to Alnmouth was exhilarating. You cannot cross over the estuary into the village - so you have no alternative but to walk back.
Sunbathing at Alnmouth
Warkworth Castle
No time for a tea shop today but there are plenty to choose from. It feels good to be back and tomorrow, Marks and Spencers. What could be better than that?
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  1. Anne, how nice to read this post and discover that we are in England at the same time. Our home in Ontario is not far from the village of Warkworth. I've enjoyed your thoughts about life in Canada, and I always seem to be the one to be talking about my love of England. It IS bloomin cold over here and I say, 'WHAT drought?!?!?!?' We've had nearly three of our six weeks. Today I made a checkmark on my bucket list: we drove through The Wallops. Also a day at the market in Salisbury in spite of the rain. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay! We're in Surrey another week, then Norwich for a few days, the Peak District for two days, and then a week in Wales at the southern tip of Snowdonia Park. It's all going too fast. Brenda


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