I'm in the Yukon

Grey mountain in Whitehorse

Greetings from above the 60th parallel here in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. I flew in last night to a stunning sunset between the mountains. I'm here for a conference but I have family here in Whitehorse so they took me for a look around in the car. We took lots of pictures but strangely that same sunset at 8.30 still seemed to be going on at 11.30.

Caribou carousel

Only in the Yukon will you see Caribou on the baggage carousel at the airport. So far the only wildlife I've seen is my family's cat. They grow them large up here. The air feels very clean here and it is a little like going back a couple of months. There are still patches of dirty snow yet to melt. My cousin tells me it's still too cold to plant out her hanging baskets and the lily of the valley are not in bloom yet. 

Yukon cat

The light evenings are a joy. It felt as if it was dusk as I crept into bed at midnight last night. There was a beautiful half moon to gaze out at. The Yukon Territory (YT) is larger than the state of California yet only around 30,000 people live here.

Is it still sunset?

Sunrise lasts for ever as well I've discovered - giving you plenty time to lie in bed. The flight from Montreal was five hours to Vancouver and another two hours north to Whitehorse (yes that far north).
Waiting at the lights at Golden Horn mountain

At the airport journalists at the Go Media event were greeted by rappers and breakdancing - full marks for taking us by surprise. I can't wait to get out there.

Yukon Art Centre - great views of downtown
 There's a high of 16C today and I'm thrilled to be farther north than most Canadians I know have ever been. I must do something about that competitive streak.

View from the Art Centre
Find out more about the Yukon and Whitehorse.
Tomorrow: Gold Fever
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