My favourite haunts

Craster harbour - home of kippers
We seem to drift to the same places when we come back to England but there's a reason for that. We just love them. Craster is a fishing village where they smoke kippers and serve crab soup in the Jolly Fisherman pub. The fish smoker tells me he can no longer sell around the world because of new food regulations and all I can say is - you lot are missing out. The kipper pate is to die for

Sea thrift at St Abb's Head
All along the North-East coast there are spectacular beaches - we spent years exploring them when we lived here. This week we went one step further - into Scotland to the beautiful and wild location of St Abb's Head - home to guillemots, razor bills, shags and cormorants.
Dunstanburgh Castle
This was a classic walk for us - the stroll to Dunstanburgh Castle - we've done it in snow and sun and it brings back many happy memories to go back. We walked from Low Newton by the sea to Craster via the castle. 
Hexham Abbey, artfully
For some strange reason Northumberland is one of the least visited counties in England - a stroll in the Cotswolds will have you jostling for position with tourists. A walk in Northumberland could mean you won't see a soul. What could be better than to have this all to yourself?
Lunch spot in Northumberland
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