The wildlife on the lake.

Why is this squirrel smiling?
It started with the duck on the dock. One morning we went down to the lake for a swim and found a mallard relaxing on our dock. So we went swimming anyway but as we splashed up and down, doing our lengths, it felt increasingly strange to have a waterbird looking down on us. I wondered what he was thinking and if the next morning he would be having a coffee and a cigarette?

As it should be - humans in control.

Something weird is going on this year. We have seen tons more wildlife than usual including our resident deer and her babies, the correct term for which is of course, Bambis. Here they are in a short video. I imagine she/he is saying "OK chaps I'll stand here looking all beautiful and you slip round the back."

One of my favourite things is to sit on the porch late at night (yes some beer is involved) and listen for animals. Which is just what we doing when we heard rustling in the woods. Out lopes a black and white creature in the darkness, moving over the lawn to the birdfeeder. Skunks are beautiful creatures (apparently make great pets) and are much maligned as they only spray their noxious substance when threatened.

The late RD Lawrence loved skunks too. His book Wildlife in Canada comes out every summer here at the cottage and I often read a chapter on one animal or another before bed.  He tells a great story of a skunk he fed at a campsite. His theory is you can make friends with lots of wild animals with a slice and bread and the right approach. Next night one chap at the campsite was out in the grass in his sleeping bag and awoke to find a skunk settled on his chest for the warmth. Panic ensued and you guessed it, some spraying took place.  

I don't feed toads - not fluffy enough
After watching a particularly lively rabbit hopping around the outside of the cottage the other day, I decided to abandon my computer and try the sliced bread theory for myself. I crouched down, bread in hand. Sure enough he watched me for a bit and then hopped right up to me. He sniffed the bread and moved around me for a while before taking off. I was pretty pleased with myself. My next plan is to feed a skunk though my husband rolls his eyes at that one and I'll admit I'm a little nervous.

Wildlife spotted so far - toads, rabbits, deer, groundhog, chipmunks, red squirrel, black squirrel, great blue heron, loons, mallard, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, bluejays. 
More wildlife gossip -  a neighbour just told me he spotted three adult loons the other day. This is all wrong - there is supposed to be a couple and some babies. We're thinking ménage à trois. Watch this space for more loon gossip.


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