Our favourite beer and singer pairings.

We're just back from the Glimmerglass Festival and thought we'd give our reviews by pairing our favourite singers from the shows with our favourite beers from the nearby Ommegang Brewery:

Emma Roos and Witte Wheat Ale

 Young artist and mezzo Emma Roos as Ado Annie Carnes ( the girl who can't say no). We loved her comic timing, her funny faces and sheer adorability. We would pair a Witte wheat ale with her performance for its lemony bite and soft and hazy nature. 

Jarrett Ott and Abbey Ale
Baritone Jarrett Ott as just the most perfect Curly I could imagine. Which cowgirl could resist his manly ways and fringed surrey? A fabulous performance we would match with Abbey Ale for its rich, fruity and aromatic qualities. 

                                                             PORGY AND BESS:
Musa Ngqungwana and Three Philosophers

Bass-baritone Musa Ngqungwana as Porgy moved us deeply and made the woman next to me sob. Probably our favourite performance of the festival which we are matching with Three Philosophers for its depth, its strength and notes of caramel.
Talise Trevigne and Rare Vos

Soprano Talise Trevigne as Bess broke our hearts with a stunning interpretation of this tragic character - one we will never forget. We pair her performance with Rare Vos for its mellow, fruity and spicy character.


John Holiday Jr and Pale Sour Ale

Countertenor John Holiday Jr as Xerxes won over the audience completely - witness the instant standing ovation as he took his bows. We knew he would be good - we'd seen him last year as Caesar in Cato in Utica. I'm pairing him with my favourite beer - the Pale Sour Ale - Ommegang describe it as similar to a fine wine with a sweet and sour nature and clean finish.

Allegra de Vita and Nirvana IPA

Another favourite, mezzo Allegra de Vita (who we also remember for her stand-out Fulvio in Cato) as Arsamenes. Love her voice. Love her acting. We're pairing Allegra with Nirvana IPA for its big citrus smack, tropical and floral notes plus honey malt sweetness.

                                                            SIEGE OF CALAIS

Aleks Romano and Rosetta Ale

Mezzo Aleks Romano as Aurelio had us transfixed with this performance in such a gorgeous opera. She hit all the right notes for us - just like Rosetta ale with its elegance, depth, complexity and intriguing interplay of tartness and sweetness.


Michael Hewitt and Hennepin ale

Finally young artist and baritone Michael Hewitt, covering as Edoado III (and playing Jud Fry in Oklahoma!) who we adored, especially as Jud the muscular hired hand . Poor Jud is Dead made us smile from ear to ear. We pair him with the Hennepin - a hearty golden ale - full bodied, rustic and crisp.

For more on the Glimmerglass Festival which continues until August 22 2017 go here and for more on the Ommegang Brewery with its cafe, tours, shop and summer concerts click here.
For more on Cooperstown read this.

Show photo credits: Karli Cadel and Carrington Spires.


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