Kiss me Quebec.....

It's just exhausting. In England it was a handshake if you're lucky and maybe a bit of eye contact. Here in Quebec it's two kisses - one either cheek. Even people who you are just being introduced to for the first time will double-kiss you. Then a minute later they do it again as they say goodbye. I'm seriously worn out. We went to a party and met lots of new people on Friday and now I think I have a crick in my neck. If you are kissing complete strangers twice what are you meant to do to the people you know ?


  1. Anne....with people you know, it's two kisses, a good ole hug, a drink, a few laughs, then two more kisses, a bit more talk and a few more kisses and a promise to do it all again very very soon. When are we having a drink, my favorite English Lady???
    Vicki T


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