Oops sorry, I'm Canadian.

Just got back from my neighbourhood parks where I was trying to film people moving quickly as a photography exercise. I find two skateboarders in Girouard Park - near where William Shatner grew up. I ask if they mind if I photograph them. "Go crazy", one replies which I assume is skateboarder for yes. But they are polite rebels and they ask to see my pictures before I leave, calling me maam.
Later in Westmount Park I set up my camera on my tripod to film cyclists as they speed by on the bike path. Canadians are so polite many of them shout sorry as they cycle in front of the camera. Some even stop dead rather than infringe on my picture. Thus ruining the whole point of the exercise - it's them I want to film - not an empty bike path. I cannot imagine going to a park at dusk in England and being met with such good manners. Come to think of it I cannot imagine going to a park at dusk in England. At our local park they used to kill the swans with crossbows.


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