How to make a cup of tea

It's time. Time to teach Canadians how to make a cup of tea. Here are the basics.
The teabag IS the tea. It is not a garnish to be laid on the side of the saucer like a piece of lettuce. Therefore when the cup arrives the teabag should be residing in some freshly boiled water. It should have been there for quite a while.
It is too late to put it in when the water is tepid.  This is a teabag having a lukewarm bath.
Tea is only formed when boiling water is poured over it.
English people need real cups of tea for medical reasons.

PS If I ask for milk - it is cold milk and not the hot frothy stuff I was served up like some flipping tea- a- ccino today.
PPS your coffee if good.
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  1. I have the same complaint. As an American e-pat, you'd think I'd be accustomed to this senseless custom, but it infuriates me every time.

  2. Thanks TT.
    I heard a great one the other day. My friend told me her local cafe asks if you want the bag in or out when you order tea? Can anyone tell me the point of this? It's like saying to someone - do you want a cup of tea made correctly or do you want a cup of water with a useless teabag on the side?
    Calm, calm........


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