Corn stories

Peaches and cream or cow corn? I have no idea what these Canadians are talking about.
When I was a kid growing up in North Shields, corn on the cob was the height of culinary sophistication. In fact back in the 70s it was right up there with gammon and pineapple and Vesta meals. Here in Canada it is no longer corn on the cob. It's corn. It doesn't come in packs of 2 for 25 quid either. It comes in bags of 12 cobs for around 4 dollars. Why 12 you might ask? Well the answer is, they are all obsessed with it and eat several at a sitting, sometimes as a complete meal but often as something to do between your main course and dessert.  In our family one is for wimps, as is eating your corn without salt and butter. I'm a wimp by the way. A casual question about maximum corn intake recently elicited a 21 from a friend.
Another tells me he was once invited to pick fresh corn for his dinner by a farmer after he moved into the area. Happily he took his corn in a bag, but when he revealed he was off for a walk and would not be home for an hour, the farmer insisted he throw it away and pick again just before he got home. Yes,  I call that obsessed.


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