Five Crazy Things to do in a Canadian Winter (by someone who has done them).

It's winter so enjoy it. 

I'm becoming a real Canadian. I'm looking forward to winter. To celebrate, here is the first of  Five crazy things to do in a Canadian winter (by someone who has done them).  This is not a list from the internet. These are real things I have done (all easy to reach from Montreal). No journalists were injured in the making of this report but I was very cold.  Come back every day this week for a new winter adventure. And if you try any, tell 'em Anne sent ya. Read more..


  1. Nice post - and welcome to Canada! I'm in Ottawa, and skating the Rideau Canal is a time-honoured winter tradition (don't forget to try horse-drawn sleigh rides).

  2. Last time I did a horse-drawm sleigh ride with Canadian friends on Montreal's mountain - my friend was embarrassed to be spotted by another local. She simply pointed at me and my husband and shouted "they're tourists", by way of explanation.


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