Signs that winter is coming to Montreal

Sign no 1.
Here in Montreal there is an air of anticipation. Winter is just around the corner and we are bracing ourselves. I am always amused by the little signs that let you know it's on its way. If you live outside of Canada do you know what these pictures are telling you? The first one is appearing in lots of parks in Montreal - stretches of grass are being sealed off like this,  but why? Dog park for a lot of very large dogs?

Sign no 2.
 Our streets are looking a lot whiter recently but it's not snow yet. It's giant white tent-like things. What are they? A location for a small winter wedding?  A venue for a friendly Canadian coffee morning?
Sign no 3.
 Less obvious this one. A trailer serving coffee and beavertails to frozen Canadians?
Sign no.4
 Every winter do people stay indoors and crochet little coats for their trees? Early Christmas decorations?
Sign no.5
 I've heard of a maypole to celebrate Spring - is this something Canadians dance around in the winter? Someone drying out their curtains? Let me know what you think these signs are telling you.
PS the great thing about winter coming is you put on your winter coat for the first time and find your iPod which you have been searching for all summer. (It's -6C with windchill  today so I feel justified).
PPS I hear it's a white hell in Blighty at the moment. Er that means they had a bit of snow and the country will be grinding to a halt any time now.


  1. I wnat to know what r these too..

  2. Hmmm...could #1 be for temporary ice skating rinks? #2 to store firewood? #3 people leaving for warmer, dryer climates for the winter? #4 to keep bushes from getting crushed by snow? #5 no idea.

  3. Oh how I love Montreal but it has to be one of the coldest places in winter. I do not envy you.

  4. Thanks for your guesses from twitter and email which included Expat Nat's guesses. She said 1 is an ice rink, 2 is a car port, 4 is protection from snow and ice and no clue #3 and #5 -though #2 and #3 could be possible places for the in-laws to stay at Xmas?

    Mary from England said
    1. Preparations for an ice rink.
    2. Car protect from snow (what's wrong with their garage?)
    3. Set preparations for 'Priscilla Queen of the Snow'
    4. Protect lovely leylandi from snow damage. Our's has still to recover from last year!
    5 No idea!

    I love the idea of the in-laws living in a tent in Montreal temperatures. The question about what is wrong with their garage is a good one. I think it stems from the fact there is so much snow that covering your drive with these tents means you don't have to dig your drive all the time. I've also heard (via @Boomergirl50 on twitter) keeping your car in a garage can make it rust up more than being outdoors. These Canadians are no fools.

    So yes
    1. is to become an ice rink and will be used late into the evening under floodlights by hockey mad kids.
    2. is a temporary car port but also protects your drive from the deep snow.
    3. symbolises Montrealers about to go South for the winter. Florida is the most popular getaway though Mexico is also a favourite. The airstream trailer was hooked up to a SUV (4WD) with Florida plates.
    4. is indeed to protect the bushes from snow and ice. Mountains of snow get pushed to the sides of the roads by the snow clearing trucks.
    5. is a heartbreaking sight for all tennis players. It's the outdoor tennis courts dividing nets being tied up for the winter.


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