Night train from Montreal to the Gaspé

Sunrise from my cabin on the train.
 I have written a guest blog for Trains on the Brain about the sleeper train to the Gaspésie. This is just a note to remind you to visit the site and also an excuse for gratuitous use of some of my pictures.

End of the line - the Percé Rock
 In the blog I describe how not to try and make a bed out of armchairs and you can see why I hardly slept a wink because I couldn't stop taking photos. Read it here  Trains on the Brain 


  1. Hi Anne, I just found your blog and I love it!
    My husband will probably be relocated to Montreal in the near future, and I'm extremely excited but at the same time I know NOTHING about Montreal, finding your blog was a balm!
    Quick question: can one survive in Montreal without speaking French? will my kids be able to continue their education in English? ok, hope you can answer my second question, if not it's ok :) cheers

  2. Welcome Sol.
    Glad you're enjoying the blog.
    Montreal is a beautiful and friendly city.
    The official language of Quebec is French and so I would say it is important to speak the language. I have been studying on the free Government course here. Of course you can survive in English but you will miss out on a lot if you ignore French.
    Education in English is a real political hot potato here. I suspect your children will have to go to French school as it is the official language. You might want to check out the Quebec Government website here for information. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the link Anne! Is it really cheeky to also direct Sol to my little round up of 45 things to do in Montreal when they get here? You can scold me later if you like!

  4. Jools
    Everyone should read your guide. That's why you won a trip to Montreal after all! It's that good, folks.

  5. Anne you're so kind!! Thanks a lot, for both your link which I'll read right away, and for Jools guide!
    I'm very excited about this, and something tells me I'm going to love Montreal.

  6. You're very welcome. Everyone loves Montreal - even miserable old Brits like me.


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