Our Royal Wedding Party

My homemade cupcakes.
What happens when you throw a British-style party for Canadians and ask them to dress as famous Brits? Well, they rise to the challenge, that's what. In Britain we like to ask people to name five famous Canadians and after Leonard Cohen and John Candy everyone gives up. But the Canadians had no trouble, from Winston Churchill to Russell Brand and Beatrix Potter to Victoria Beckham, they did themselves proud.

Winning woman Anne Boleyn with Winston Churchill
Prize for best British woman went to Anne Boleyn who was sporting a bloody neck and spooky extra fingers (fine historical detail here) while best British man went to Sid Vicious or was it Johnny Rotten? We were never really sure. One thing I do know is that Canadian punks look a loss less fierce than British ones. Bless.
Johnny or Sid
Two Camillas turned up (one of them was my father-in-law), two Twiggys, a Beatrix Potter, Hugh Grant, Bertie Wooster, Robbie Burns, Delia Smith (a Brit dressed as a Brit), Susan Boyle (me), Boadicea, Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, Lawrence of Arabia, Lady Di and Prince Charles (not together). 
Crustless sandwiches, trifle, cupcakes, scones...
Always fun to watch Canadians struggle over English cuisine. Never again will I paint Union Jacks on 30+ cupcakes. I got bored anyway and started making Quebec flags, not to mention England, Scotland and Wales cakes. Canadians needed some advice on the British fare. There was the sound of a fork on a glass at one point and Winston Churchill instructed others not to be afraid of the homemade trifle, that he had tasted it and it was delicious and they needed to help themselves.
My attempt at Quebec flags.
Next came the scone instructions. Butter, then jam then cream, I say. But one of the Saint Georges disagreed and James Bond's girlfriend toughed it out without butter and the jam and cream in the WRONG order. Despite splitting salt and vinegar crisps between two bowls and labelling one crisps and the other chips (a joke) many were convinced there was a difference and my humour fell flat, not for the first time.
Bertie Wooster
Bertie declared the whole thing spiffing, William and Kate mugs were awarded to the winners and the sound of Dick van Dyke accents could be heard in the street as guests finally wandered home. Topping, what ho?
What happened when I got up at 4.30am for a Royal Wedding breakfast.


  1. Sounds like a right royal hoot! LOVE the "crisps" and "chips" labels - I'm stealing that idea! Gotta love the royals for giving us a great spectacle and a great excuse for a party. God save the Queen!

  2. Fantastic looking cupcakes. Did they taste as good as they look?

  3. Great effort with the outfits there! Some of our group (well, let's be honest, all the girls, none of the guys) on the Kentucky press trip went to a similar party out there. They were quoted in the paper and everything. Bonkers

  4. Thx Jools. I only had one eyebrow left by the end of the night.


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