Royal Wedding breakfast.

Wouldn't dream of wearing anything else
4.30am Driving down Decarie to pick up my friend for the Royal Wedding breakfast I see a set of oncoming headlights. That's weird, they're on my side of the road. That's when I realised I was driving on the LEFT SIDE of the road. I have two excuses for this ridiculous behaviour. 1. There wasn't much traffic on the road and my mind went into default position. 2. I was on my way to a Royal Wedding breakfast and so thought I was back in England.

Marilyn Ambroziak -proud to be British at the pub this morning.
 Miraculously we made it alive to the Burgundy Lion Pub for the celebrations where lots of mad Brits were wearing tiaras. What was your excuse, non-Brits, by the way? The dangerous thing about wearing a tiara is journalists think you are a royalist (where do they get this stuff from) and hone in on you as a suitable interviewee. I don't suppose the Blighty accent helped much either. So it was my friends and I held a kind of mini-Press conference with TV (CBC and CTV) and newspaper (Gazette) journalists over our bacon and eggs (full English breakfast also includes sausage, toast, potatoes, toast, tomato and beans).
My Royal breakfast at the Burgundy Lion today.
Truth is it was a great excuse for a celebration of being British. Something you're not always allowed to do. Today was the one day when you could revel in it and so it fell upon us to enthuse about William and Kate, the dress and the kiss. Being British we were hugely embarrassed by this of course. (I'll never live this down, said my friend after giving an interview). I just hope none of my British friends ever sees the local news over here. They will disown me. If Canadians love the royal family so much, said my friend back in Britain, they can have them!
Looking pretty good considering the 4.30 alarm call
So as William and Kate made their vows, our waiter shouts out English muffin? and plates of British-style food were laid in front of us. The place was jam packed and the Burgundy Lion did a very nice job of it although I did take the owner to task about the teabag garnish ("We are in Montreal, there is only so much we can do," he said.)
Marilyn's patriotic nails.
Tune into Showtime on CJAD radio tomorrow between 12 noon and 1pm tomorrow when I will be talking live about being a British expat in Montreal.
Why I'm hosting a Royal Wedding Party tonight.


  1. What a great report!
    I also noticed the trend of royalists vs republicans this morning, and in all honesty, I thought it was just not the right moment to start this debate. But all your answers were witty and interesting, as always!

    It was lovely meeting you and I'm glad I could get to live this moment in this great atmosphere. Have a great party tonight!

  2. Hey! :) I also wrote a little something about this morning, find it here:

    Also if you want the original pictures send me an email! :)


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