Why I'm hosting a Royal Wedding Party.

Get me out of here. She's lost her mind.
It used to be, when abroad,  I would avoid other Brits like the plague. Why would I want to talk to them? I might as well be at home.  No self-respecting Brit wants to meet another one on holiday. I remember visiting a dude ranch in Montana and the owner was incredibly excited because other Brits were staying that week and she wanted to introduce us. Our hearts, of course, sank. These are the last people we wanted to meet. We came here to meet cowboys not someone from Birmingham.

This smells like cheap tat to me.
But being an expat has a strange effect on you. Gradually over the years I become not resentful when I hear another British accent in Montreal, but excited. Now I introduce myself to them and start up a conversation like some pushy, slightly scary Englishwoman. Like the poor man in St Viateur bagel restaurant who was waiting to use the toilet last week. The look of relief as he went in to use the facilities and could finally get away from me, was priceless.
 Somebody call the SPCA. This isn't funny anymore.
As you might have guessed by now I not only talk to strangers but so desperate am I to meet other Brits that I am throwing myself into the Royal Wedding celebrations here too. I'm doing it in an ironic way, of course so my coolness is still intact.  No, really. I'm not even a royalist but I do like an excuse for a party. Not only that but I'm going to the Royal Wedding breakfast at 5.30am at Montreal's British pub The Burgundy Lion too. Although they did recently serve me tea with teabag garnish and HOT MILK. Don't get me started.
No way am I wearing this hat.
So you see a Canadian's version of a British pub is very different to a real British pub. There are fewer glassings for a start. So if you are enjoying a bacon butty next Friday morning at 5.30am, watching the wedding on big screens and an Englishwoman sidles up to you just throw out a few sarcastic comments, a bit a swearing and some put-downs and you will make me a very happy woman. As for our Royal Wedding party, Canadians have been asked to dress as famous Brits. This has thrown them a bit. I'm expecting around 50 members of the Beatles.
Another post on being British abroad.
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  1. I think the expression in the last pic barely warrants a caption! Look forward to the fancy dress pics, whether or not that's a practical joke you are playing on your Canadian friends.

  2. They will never know will they? Now who should it be, John or Paul?

  3. Ah yes, that poor chap at St. Viateur...

    You certainly weren't joking when you mentioned you had some props for the party! Can't wait to hear about it (hopefully you'll have more creative friends than just to show up as the Beatles). I'll toast you with a mimosa at 5:30am while I'm wearing my tiara on the 29th.

  4. Hi Anne
    I'm a British expat new to Montreal this year. Just found your blog and have found it very enjoyable. I'm also doing a blog movingontomontreal.blogspot.com for friends and family back home.
    Also booked into the Burgandy Lion for the Royal Wedding. Might see you there!

  5. Excellent - like your snow in back yard video. I'll look out for you at the pub!

  6. I would LOVE to attend this party. Sadly I do not own a car and can't possibly see how I could get there on time using public transit.

    Have a disturbingly non-decent cup of tea for me ;)

  7. I am a South African living in Sussex. I've been here for 21 years next month, and according to the locals, I'm practically English now then. Er, no. Not.At.All, apart maybe from my love of the Sussex countryside and an unmatched ability to say "Yeah". Like many good native English folk though, I'm managing to stay under the radar of all The Wedding hype. No doubt, come Friday, I shall be sucked into the excitement of Pomp, Pageantry and Princey/ Princessesy stuff, courtesy of my 9yo daughter who is loving it all. Thankfully though, the only memento we have, is a mug - given to her by her Brown Owl thus saving me the expense.

    One other comment I would make...I simply howled at your 'tea bag garnish' quip. I drink only rooibos (South African redbush) tea, and I leave the teabag in my mug on purpose. No, you're right, it isn't cricket. But that's rather my point. :)

  8. Oooh! Can I come?
    I recently was in London myself and bought a set of union jacks to make paper chains for the front door! They are up!! HIp Hip!
    Of course the big day is on my birthday, which I thought was very sweet of them...I shall enjoy the wedding from my bed with a good and proper cup of the on the morning of!
    Cheers and hugs, Mary

  9. Anne,

    Enjoy your blog! I shall also hopefully be attending the royal breakfast at the burgundy lion. Haven't been able to book a table, so I will be found sat at the bar, possibly wearing my 'regal' jeans.


  10. Hi Anne,
    Well you were all over the place on TV, in the Gazette, on the radio...
    Missed your party but had two of my own. Champagne orange juice, home made crumpets, jam and cream with real tea lolol. Tiaras,spectre, hats and PJ. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time.. BTW love your blog.. Ruby

  11. Ruby
    Homemade crumpets indeed. This is the most impressive thing you can ever say to a Brit. I haven't forgotten how I am going to blindfold you and make you identify St Viateur from Fairmont bagels either.


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