Afternoon tea and goodbye England.

Afternoon tea for two
What better way to say goodbye to Britain than afternoon tea in an English country garden? There seems to be a certain amount of confusion outside England about afternoon tea. I'm often asked if I have it every day or if the Queen has it. The truth is just one look at this delicacy will tell you it is too much to eat every day.

I think I can do it.
So as I lie here post scones, jam, cream, sarnies, macaroons, cakes and mousse I say goodbye England. Thanks for the summer weather in April, the fish and chips, the beaches and the reminder of my former life. Tomorrow back to Montreal.
More on English fish and chips.


  1. My flat tire and I would have no problem eating all this :) Looks tasty!

    I hope you had a great trip, and can't wait to hear more of your delicious stories.

  2. David & Janet AllanApril 10, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    Goodbye Anne and Peter.
    I was thinking about you as (diligent blog follower that I am) I drove (at high speed) past Steel Rigg and the Robin Hood tree on the way back from Thistlewood.
    You have been back far too short a time and we shall both miss you but look forward to catching up with you (and hopefully no blackfly) in Sept 2012.
    I reckon I spied Jesmond Dene Ouse in the last pic....what you doing wasting your money there? I could have rustled up a 2 hour coffee and pile of cream for, oh, maybe 1/3rd of the price
    Your ever generous friends...

  3. Hello Anne,

    I stumbled across your post whilst looking at a million and one links about moving to Canada and have enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you.

    My husband is really wanting to move me and our little baby from London to Montreal. We are actually Australian and moved to London 7 years ago and although we love the UK, the greenness, most of the english people :), the jobs, football and ADORE the architecture the anti social behaviour is getting too much (especially after the riots which we got caught up in) so he wants to move to a more child friendly country.

    I am very apprehensive about moving to Montreal due to the extreme cold and the french aspect. (I do not cope with british winters so dont know how I will survive -30)

    How did you go with your transition from Newcastle to Montreal and dealing with the first winter? Also I am very interested to know your thoughts on the UK vs Montreal after your recent trip back to the UK to see what your missing.

    I hope you dont mind all the questions but would love to have the insight of someone who has been there and brought the t-shirt.



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