Walking the Wall

Setting off from Steel Rigg
What do you miss about Britain? It's a question I've been asked a lot this week. Apart from pork pies, smoked haddock, Twinings Lady Grey and bags of Revels, I would have to say walking the wall. Which wall? Hadrian's Wall of course. The 72 mile long fortification, which stretches from coast to coast, was built by the Emperor Hadrian to keep out the enemy. It stands on some of the most glorious countryside you will see in Britain so walking it is one of those pleasures which definitely makes you feel reconnected with the North-East.

Walking the wall with Crag Lough below us
We did a route lasting around two hours beginning at Steel Rigg. This is one of my favourites and gives you the chance to look down on Crag Lough, with its swans unaware of the hikers above. Kevin Costner is a strange person to be thinking of on Hadrian's Wall. You inevitably do though as you walk around the tree below, known now as the Robin Hood tree since it featured in his movie.

Anyone seen Kevin?
Just walking along the wall brings back memories of when visiting Canadians came and complained about the cold. I thought, they come from Canada - how can it feel cold. Later I learned that the dry cold of Montreal is very different from the bone-numbing damp cold of the North-East.

Soon we were hiking through a field of cows and for the millionth time I uttered the words, are you sure they're not bulls? All part of the joys of a country walk. Then there are the lambs. Like maple syrup to Canadians, lambs are a sign that summer is coming. As my husband says, is it because they are so cute that they taste so good?

As we enjoy our last days here in England someone asks if it's sad to be back? A strange question but everything we've done this week has been bittersweet. 

We walked across the top of here.


  1. Lovely, Anne! And if Peter's assertion is right, how do we explain lobster?
    Safe trip home!

  2. Enjoyed your article & pics! Glad to see you blogging. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures as always ! Safe trip back !

  4. Anne,

    As a fellow Englishman, I wanted to thank you for these blogs.

    I have been here a little over 3 months and have made the move to be here with my partner.

    Having travelled a fair amount, I too now find myself seeking out the English accent and adore making fun of the (not so) subtle differences of our pronunciations.

    Thanks very much for the posts, and contributing to wasting a mornings work for me.

    Now back to the tea and scones (no, seriously)




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