Deer caught on video.

It always starts the same way. I'm vaguely aware of an orange patch on the lawn where there shouldn't be one. Then I realise it's deer-shaped. So it was, staring out on this rainy afternoon, that I spot such an orange patch. I wondered if he had one eye on my garden centre purchases which are out on our deck?

But no, like all sensible creatures on a rainy Sunday, he's having a nap in our wildflower garden (er patch that we don't mow). Only when my husband goes out in his dressing gown, fresh from his nap, does the deer get up. (It's a scary sight).

We're thrilled. We caught our deer on film and we have living proof that we don't have to mow that patch ever again. It is now a deer sanctuary.

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  1. Better a dear than a bear! We had quite a few bear sightings in Ottawa's suburb lately.

  2. Quite. No bears round here but then they told me there were no moose. (see previous post)


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