First swim of the summer

Feeling smug after a swim.
I did it. I actually did it. I knew it might happen because there wasn't real pain when I waded in - just extreme discomfort. I've had my first swim in the lake of the summer.
Now I've broken my duck I'm planning daily swims (so long as it's sunny. Come on, I am English). Your actually swimming in the lake in June, say the Canadians, I'm waiting until late July.
Towel stayed dry until June 3rd.

My husband was in about two weeks earlier. But my towel stayed resolutely dry during those weeks when I swear there was probably some winter ice still floating about in there. A friend estimates it is around 65F now but that sounds way too warm to me. I seem to remember swimming in Hawkeys Lane Baths when I was a kid in North Shields and it was 54F. Is that even possible?

Storm damage in the woods
You might remember I mentioned the branches breaking off the trees in the extreme winds the other night. Well it wasn't just branches. We found a birch was felled by the winds and is now nestling on some telephone lines in the woods. The forest just before sunset has a dappled light which really shows off the birches (the ones still standing that is) the prettiest tree in the forest with its white bark.
My favourite time of day
This week we are seeing our first dragonflies and butterflies. I'm not even going to grace those mosquitoes with a mention, suffice to say I look like something from Dr Who. We did pick our first rhubarb this week and I made a crumble (crisp to Canadians). A nice stodgy pudding. Just what you need when there is a heat and humidity warning in force. A what? Why is there a warning? Is it because we might enjoy ourselves too much? Bring it on. I want lots more warnings about how hot it is going to be this summer. You can warn me all you want. I'm delighted.

See the same lake a month ago

It's not big but it's ours.


  1. Yum rhubarb crumble! Hope you managed a swim today - it was 'feels like' 40 degrees Celsius in the city!

  2. I can't swim in lakes. I know, it's strange, but I don't like lakes. I'm a sea person! I need waves, tides and salt water.

    That, plus the temperature would scare me... I mean, these lakes were frozen solid just a couple of months ago!

  3. 54 degrees F at the outdoor swimming pool in Yorkshire where I swam sounds about right. Blue lips were normal. I'm sure the Romans were wrong about the woad.

  4. My friend tells me May 24 (St Jean Baptiste weekend in Quebec) used to be the traditional day to have your first swim here. I love that there is a day for this. We like to dare ourselves to still be swimming for Canadian Thanksgiving (second Monday in October), when we thank God it is not the same date as American Thanksgiving. (fourth Thursday in November)

  5. Hello Aunty Anne!!
    (The rumours are flying across the country)
    Out here in the west,we always liked the ocean to register 68 F degrees on the thermometer. That is Farenheit degrees, not F--- degrees, but in today's language it would be 14 C. This year it may touch that temperature by the end of August, if we are lucky!
    Go Canucks Go.


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