World Chicken Dance Championships 2011

Two weeks ago I knew nothing about chicken dancing. For instance I did not know that the dance, created by the Blackfoot nation, imitates the prairie chicken (a member of the grouse family).  If I was a female prairie chicken I'd be pretty impressed. Take a look at him in this video

Now for the human version. Here is my film from the World Chicken Dance Championships at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park in Alberta's Badlands.  It features not just some amazing dancing and costumes but an interview with Bev Wright, who explains how Prince Charles had a role in her centre and Paul Partridge and his son Dakota, who danced here for the first time. Paul won third place in the senior category. Dakota won second place in the juniors.  The winners were Sage Berland (junior), Kimo Morin (teen), Stan Whiteman Senior (senior) and Sheldon Scalplock Senior (adult). You can see Sheldon in the film.

All I want to know now is where can I see my next Pow-Wow. I think I'm hooked.
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